Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Win a copy of THE CLASS!

My new book comes out in TWO WEEKS and I'm so excited, I want to give some away! There will be three copies available, and each will be signed and include 25 bookmarks, enough for each student in a class- your class, your child's class, anybody's class! Or for just yourself, like for instance if you're reading 25 books at once and you need to remember where you are in each of them (like me!)(I'm exaggerating- I'd only need 9)  :-)

THE CLASS is the perfect book for a First Day Of School celebration, whether you're a teacher, librarian or even just a plain old parent (like me!) So, even though it's summer now, enter today and you'll be completely ready when it gets here before we know it...

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Class by Boni Ashburn

The Class

by Boni Ashburn

Giveaway ends July 05, 2016.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A WHAT from Kirkus??

Our first review for THE CLASS is in... and it's from Kirkus... and it's...

a *starred* review!

A S-T-A-R! Thank you, Kirkus!

And thank you, Beach Lane Books!

And thank you, Kimberly Gee!

And now, back to writing :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ta Da!

Presenting the cover of my next book!
The Class
illustrated by Kimberly Gee and 
published by Beach Lane Books

I am so excited for this book to come out!!

Available July 5, 2016...

Friday, January 15, 2016

I Had A Favorite Japanese!

This is my first foreign edition, of any of my books, and it was SO COOL to receive a copy. I have now gone through it more times than you can imagine, finding all the little changes/differences, and wondering endlessly how the text translates, and why they did this, and why they did that. So strange to have my name on something and not be able to read it! Maybe I should learn Japanese...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First Review!

In the April issue of School Library Journal there resides a lovely little review of I Had A Favorite Hat! They call the illustrations "energetic and engaging", which they are, I completely agree, with HUGE thanks to Robyn Ng. I could not be more completely happy with the end result of this book.

They also point out that I, the author, "play(s) with rhyming words" as I did in the first book, I Had A Favorite Dress. They don't, uh, say if I play successfully with those words or not, but I'm so glad they at least recognize the importance of play :-)

In any case, I'm thrilled that they spent time with our little book and seemed to enjoy it. To which I say: Whew!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New book... New website... New blog post!

My new book is out! And to celebrate, I thought I'd revamp my website and blog. It's been a long, tumultuous 4 years since my last blog post- so long, in fact, that the software I used to create my old blog doesn't exist anymore. So if you want to revisit any of my old posts, which wouldn't import, and of which there were a lot, you'll have to click on the link in the right column. They're old posts, I know, but I never throw anything away (no, I don't have every piece of artwork my kids have ever made. That would be ridiculous...)

Sadly, I'll never be that blog-prolific again. But I did want to include a spot on my new website to trumpet great books I'm reading, or share little tidbits about my own books, or just say whatever I want to say that I can't say in 140 characters or less over on twitter.

Fitting writing into my current life is a bit like putting a puzzle together that has an overwhelming number of pieces. But I like a challenge, and I love children's books, so I'll keep working on this puzzle and see how far I can get. Besides- you know that feeling when you finally finish a puzzle that took you forever to complete? Yeah, that's a good feeling. And you won't get it if you don't try.

Thanks for visiting my sparkly new website!

(And many, many thanks to Donna Farrell for the new re-design!)